Documentaries & Lectures & Educational Videos


Jean Twenge: Narcissism or Self-Esteem?  (26:46)

W. Keith Campbell: The Narcissism Epidemic (43:50)

Simon Baron Cohen: Zero Degrees of Empathy (27:04)

Gabor Mate: The Power of Addiction and the Addiction of Power (18:47)

Back from the Edge: Borderline Personality Disorder (48:12)

Andrew Cohen: Me All The Time (3:23) 

Borderline-Narcissistic Personality (montage)

Otto Kernberg: On Narcissism (1:22:00)

Drs. Otto Kernberg and Frank Yeomans

About Personality

Personality Traits and Assessments (28:00) 

Dr Jason Rentfrow: The Big Personality Test (49:41)

Dr. Sam Fiala: Personality Disorders (1:31:16)


I am Fishhead (1:18:17)

The Ego Maniac (45:00)

I, Psychopath (50:00)

Child of Rage (27:29) Discretionary warning!

The Criminal Mind (23:32)

Psychopath in the Family (11:32)

Psychopath MRI

Frank Ochberg: What Is A Psychopath? (9:12)

James Fallon: Psychopathy and the Dictator's Brain

James Fallon: Exploring the Mind of the Killer (7:06)

James Fallon: Confessions of a Pro-Social Psychopath (15:16)

Psychopathy: Why You Need to Know (5:32)

Joseph Newman on Psychopathy (24:04)

Jon Ronson: Strange Answers to the Psychopath Test (18:12)

Andrew Flescher: Psychopathy & the New Manichean Challenge to Moral Agency (55:25)


Private Violence (1:17:13)

Sexy Baby (1:22:25)

Miss Representation (1:31:54)

Dr. Jackson Katz: Backlash (7:06)

Dr. Jackson Katz: Violence Against Women (40:20)

Dr. Jackson Katz: Tough Guise (Intro only)

Up/Down, a documentary about Bipolar Disorder (1:23:28)

Cult Killer: The Ricky Rodriquez Story

Dr. Margaret Singer talks about "Cults in our Midst"

Madeleine Tobias talks about Cults (about one hour)

Trauma & Healing

Frank Ochberg: What are Trauma Memories? (4:46)

Frank Ochberg: The Difference between Nightmares and Flashbacks (4:06)

Frank Ochberg: What Is Compassion Fatique? (6:23)

Judith Lewis Herman (55:23)

Susan Clancy: The Truth about Child Sexual Abuse (9:52)

Surviving Interpersonal Trauma Part One (14:49)

Surviving Interpersonal Trauma Part Two (4:58)

Just Good Stuff

Philip Zimbardo: Psychology of Evil to the Psychology of Heroism (59:36)

Martin Seligman: Why is psychology good? (23:43)

Heinz Kohut: Reflections on Empathy (4:47)

Stefana Broadbent: How the Internet Enables Intimacy (11:23)

Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability (20:50)

Kathryn Schulz: On Being Wrong (17:52)

Robert Sapolsky: On Depression (52:29)

Robert Sapolsky: Uniqueness of Being Human (37:27)

Richard Harvey: Bio-Feedback, Self-Mastery beyond Pills (1:28:41)

Jon Kabat-Zinn: Mindfulness (1:14:43)

Jon Kabat-Zinn: Coming to our Senses (57:21)

Philippe Goldin: cognitive Neurosceince of Mindfulness Meditation (48:54)

Philip Zimbardo and John Boyd: The Time Paradox (1:07:53)

Ken Robinson: Finding Your Passion Changes Everything (1:23:16)

Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture (1:16:23)

Naomi Remen: The Art of Living Every Minute of Your Life (59:41)

Viktor Frankl: Why To Believe in Others (4:22)

Helen Fisher: The Science of Love and the Future of Women (24:14)

Helen Fisher: This is Your Brain on Love (1:18:20)

June Tangney: Shame and Guilt: the good, the bad and the ugly (1:12:12)

David Brooks talks about Engaging Passion (70:47)